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The term Air Conditioning refers to the cooling and dehumidification of indoor air for thermal comfort
Air conditioning equipment is designed to operate at its rated capacity and efficiency at one set of design conditions
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Category 5 cable includes four twisted pairs in a single cable jacket
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DIP Switches - Dual Inline Package Switches DIP Switches - Dual Inline Package Switches
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Leak Detection While in a Vacuum This is not a recommended leak test procedure.
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The TAC NETWORK 8000 MICROZONE II (MZII) is a fully programmable controller that enhances the TAC NETWORK 8000 Facility Management System
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Puron - Puron refrigerant is Carrier's registered trademark for a refrigerant blend with the generic ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers designation R-410A
The rating is not complete using system of EER so a rating of SEER has been developed. This rating is tested and verified by a rating agency, and includes the startup and shutdown cycles
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Leak Detection While in a Vacuum
Together with DuPont, Honeywell has developed a fluorinated gas solution called HFO-1234yf





The difference in temperature between the boiling refrigerant and the suction line temperature is known as superheat.

Superheat is the sensible heat added to the vapor refrigerant after the change of state has taken place.
(Heat added to refrigerant after it is in a vapor state)

Superheat is the method of checking to see when a refrigerant coil has a proper level of refrigerant. When a metering device is not feeding enough refrigerant to the coil, the coil is said to be a starved coil and the superheat is greater.

Sensible Heat = Heat that causes a change in the level of a thermometer.

Latent Heat = Heat energy that is absorbed or rejected when a substance is changing state and there is no change in temperature. A change in state (example) from a liquid to a vapor with no change in temperature.
(a change in state without a change in temperature)

Example = Ice at 32 °F (solid) to water at 32 °F (liquid)









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